R.E.S.T. In God’s Predictions

     Someone once said, “Prediction is difficult, especially if it is about the future.” However, the Holy Bible is filled with predictions, or prophecies, which God gave to His prophets, and He told them to write them down. There are thousands of them, and they have come true. The most amazing of all are about Jesus Christ. These old Prophets predicted things like He would be born, where He would be born, what He would do, how He would be put to death, and that He would rise from the the dead. All of these were written hundreds of years before He was born to the Virgin Mary, which also was predicted in advance; yet, even though they were predicted by these people, hundreds of years in advance, every single one of them came true.

If you are struggling to experience Rock-solid Eternal Spirituality Today, as you seek what to read in the Bible, check out these prophecies and R.E.S.T. in the assurance that God’s promises, His Word, or His prophecies are true.

Check Them Out

  • Isaiah 7:14 : The kind of birth
  • Micha 5:2 :   The place of birth.
  • Isaiah 61: His ministry
  • Psalm 22: His death.
  • Psalm 16:10 : His resurrection.
  • And there are many more.

R.E.S.T. in the Lord and His Word.


Becoming Free In Christ: Winning Your Personal Battle To Be Free!

                                   Hi Christ-Followers!

How The Opened App Looks From Three Angles

I want to share with you a new app for your I-phone or Android. It can be a part of a life changing experience. It is the Freedom in Christ App.  Just go to where you download your apps and download the Freedom In Christ Course.  Then make it one of your apps. Now, I need to tell you that to get the full benefit, please consider paying the grand sum of $1.49; otherwise, you will miss out on a lot. 

Why Do I Need To Know About This?

Why am I talking about this? For one thing, there are a whole bunch of Christians who are simply NOT free! Something continually keeps them beaten down, beaten up, overwhelmed, stressed out and maybe even burned out. In other words, they are not experiencing love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, integrity and self-control. They are not experiencing God’s character being formed in them. To say this another way, there is little or no evidence of the fruit of the Holy Spirit growing in them.  And the gifts of the Holy Spirit don’t seem to light them up either. Discovering Freedom in Christ is the key to remedying this. Walking in The Truth That Sets You Free” is key to getting Victory over your darkness. God’s liberating truth, and steps to Freedom in Christ, can become your bondage breakers, and they are vital to having a free life in Christ!

So, besides the app,  let me recommend you get a couple of books, and a booklet. Please read them and work through them in the order that I am giving them to you in this blog. Then walk through the Steps to Freedom in Christ after reading these books. And daily discipline yourself, as a Disciple of Christ Jesus, to live by God’s truth, and the truth sets your free.  Here are the books:

Victory Over The Darkness:  by Dr. Neil Anderson

See the source image

As you look at this book,  notice the image of the broken down, and living in darkness, Christian who is slowly empowered to be able to stand up, face God’s light, walk in the light and BE the light of the world Christ tells us we are. There is also a teen version of this called Stomping Out The Darkness. Furthermore, if you really want to go deeper or do a study with your friends, all you have to do is purchase the Victory Over The Darkness Study Guide. For anyone who is looking for a way to have more victory in your life, and who wants to be able to overcome your dark challenges in life, this is step one to being free. Get your identity right.

Bondage Breaker: by Dr. Neil Anderson

The Bondage Breaker, New Edition   -     By: Neil T. Anderson

You are trapped. You don’t know how you ended up in such a mess. You are locked in habits your cannot break. Or you are caught in sin. You are NOT alone. The Bible warns us repeatedly that ALL Christians will struggle against Satan and his spiritual forces of darkness. While the spiritual conflict that churns within you is very real, the answers are just as tangible. Bondage Breaker reveals the whys and hows of spiritual warfare and exposes Satan’s battle for your mind. Bondage Breaker shares the powerful truth that will break even the most stubborn habits or private sins. The point is that you can live without your chains. Learn the truth of who you are in Christ, and what it means to be a child of God. Knowing your spiritual identity and position in Christ is the essential truth that sets you free. For those interested in helpful literature for small group or personal study, there is also a study guide that accompanies this book, and the study guide is also called Bondage Breaker. And there is also now a teen addition.

Steps To Freedom In Christ

The Steps to Freedom in Christ    -     By: Neil T. Anderson, Dr. Jan Stoop

After you read these books, one of the best challenges you will get to have will come from the thirty-page booklet entitled Steps To Freedom in Christ. Successfully completing this challenge will help you take hold of the Freedom that is Yours IN Christ! Do you want to become an even more fruitful disciple of Jesus? Are you tired of not fulfilling your full potential  as a Christ-Follower? These steps represent a wonderfully refreshing spiritual check up. These steps will help you clear the spiritual cobwebs and connect with Jesus in a deeper way. Many, like myself, use these steps with regularity. These steps help highlight attitudes and behaviors that need to change,  and they help you to uncover areas where faith is not as strong as it could be.

This booklet is also extremely effective for those facing particular challenges such as:

  • Condemning thoughts
  • Patterns of wrong behavior
  • Spiritual struggles
  • Hopelessness

Therefore, if you want to be more Free in Christ, get the app, read these books and walk through steps that fill you with truth, and God’s Almighty truth will set you free! Then go help set others free!

God Bless You

IN Christ

Chaplain Mac

Mission Impossible?

God’s Mission Statement For Nation Healing

See the source image
Mission Statement For Your Nations: 2 Chronicles 7:14

If you follow “The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” –Jesus– and you authentically desire to make your nation truly great, not only “again” but for each new day from here to eternity,  follow this Word from God as written. This is the key Heavenly mission statement given to you and me to accomplish the miracle of transforming any country anywhere, any place anytime.

Calling all Christ-Followers to send this knee mail daily to that dimension we call Heaven, and do so  in The Name of Jesus. There are a many nation states needing Christ-Followers to take God seriously on this, and this includes our nation. Let’s agree together to take on this challenge daily.

This mission, should you decide to take it, will be honored, and it it not be disavowed by anyone.  Even though this might seem like a
Mission Impossible.

With God ALL Things are possible for those who believe.


God Bless You,

Chaplain Mac

Facebook & Our Heart’s Overflow

Keep your heart with diligence. For out of the heart flow the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23

See the source image
Heart Flow

Our Facebook posts and pictures speak volumes about what’s in our hearts and what is really important to each of us. Those things flow out of our hearts, as the Bible teaches they will do. What do we post the most? who or what do we picture with our pictures? Who or what receives our adoration and praise? These postings identify the gods we serve …  or the God we serve.

Identify these things, and we will know who or what is running or is dominating our lives. Using our hearts river flow, as our guide, can really bring true life to our lives now and in eternity, if we let go and let God control the flow of our hearts river. 

God Bless You.

Chaplain Mac

Family: O.D.F. and N.O.D.s

The Healthiest Family Structure

It is clear historically, scientifically and sociologically that the  Original Design of the Family is  the healthiest family structure. When I say O.D.F., I am talking about a family with a Dad (Husband,) Mom (Wife) and children.  This also includes people who do not have children.  I do not call this design “The Traditional Family” because the source of this linguistic manipulation came up with this term to put the Original Design Family on the same spiritual-psycho/social level as new forms of “family.”  I also am not using the word “Spouse” to replace the O.D.F. terms of “Husband” and “Wife.” This too has been a verbal manipulation to justify some forms of what has been called “marriage.” Eliminating these two gender specific terms allows for restructuring and remolding our society in harmful ways.

O.D.F.s Vs N.O.D.s

Let me be clear:  Yes, over the years, new forms of what is called “family” have developed. I call these Non Original Design Families or (N.O.D.s) These were formerly called “broken” families before the intentional and intense reculturization of our society took place. I use this word ” broken” with fear and trepidation because social engineers can really bring out some hate toward people who speak in terms that were formerly the norm.   Still too, other “families” were created to justify certain life styles.

At any rate,  research bears out the negative impact on people who have to cope with these alternate family structures or N.O.D.s while growing up. Studies clearly show that those growing up in the O.D.F  are less likely to molested, tend to live longer, be more resilient in stressful situations, and they tend to have a better quality of life than those reared in other family structures. I am not saying people growing up in O.D.F. families are better people than the N.O.D.s or alternate family structures. I am saying the O.D.F families simply have better opportunities within any given society.

Masquerading and The Unintended Consequences

The deceived people who masquerade as Christians, and who pontificate the so called “progressive view” of family, language and history, are doing significant harm. The fruits of their labor are not progressive but regressive. As they manipulate the language,  and as they make values human centric–rather than God centric–they are speeding our culture to a devolution that will cause our country, and western civilization, to become a modern version of the ancient super powers of Greece and Rome.  If these revisionist of culture, language and history succeed, with their digressive reordering of society, which includes redefining the family, it won’t be long before people will look on the ruins of our nation with the similar view of the crumbling structures of these two former super powers. They will see us like they see them: We will be viewed as what was but never more shall be; furthermore, the eternal consequences  their redoing of the world might just be even more devastating.

I hope and pray that we will reject their reordering of society and that we have a reformation, revitalization and renewal of the family.

God Bless You.

Chaplain Mac

Praying Like A Champ: Following Orders.

Jesus looked out and saw all the crowds of people.
It seemed they were lost and weary without a shepherd.
So, He gave His disciples their
First Great Commission.
It’s the same one He gives to you and me.


“The harvest is great.
The Laborers are few.
I want you to pray to the Lord of The Harvest that He will
“Send laborers into His harvest.”
Matthew 9: 37-38

See the source image
Praying To The Lord of The Harvest

Jesus understands how much each human being needs to be shepherded through life. He knows people are lost without Him, even if the Lost people don’t know they are lost. Jesus came, as the Good Shepherd, to remedy this serious problem. He came to “lay down His life for the sheep.”  Because of His love and compassion for these shepherd-less “sheep,” 
He also gave some specific commands to we Christ-Followers who live among the lost: He told us, after seeing these wandering crowds, “The harvest is great, and the laborers are few. Pray to the Lord of The Harvest that He will send laborers into His harvest.” This is not just a request. No indeed! He is giving commands for His Prayer Champions.

See the source image
Spiritual Practice: “Calling” Prayer

     What Jesus is saying is simple and clear, but let me break it down: God is giving us an uncomplicated,  even undemanding, but expected, practical spiritual practice — ORDERS — to help people overcome losing their souls,  and to save them from the doldrums of meaningless lives: He is not calling us to do something extraordinary. He is only telling us to pray a short prayer. And I think He wants us to do so consistently on a daily basis.  He is telling us to pray His simple “calling” prayer. He is seeking volunteers who want the opportunity to eternally excel as one of the Prayer Champions I previously mentioned. 

Calling Us To Call On God

He is not asking us to pray long flowing complicated prayers. He is only calling on us to call on God to call average every day people into the simple God ministry of shepherding friends, relatives, associates and neighbors into HIS sheepfold. It is in this place, He will give them eternally full lives. He is doing this in order that the God Shepherd will eternally transform these “sheep”  to stop meandering and start living by following the Good Shepherd.


      You are the perfect person to be a Champion for Christ. And all you have to do is keep your prayer short, secret, simple, sincere and specific. Be a winner! Be a Christ- Follower who follows orders: “Pray to the Lord of The Harvest that He will send forth Laborers into God’s Harvest. And God will do all that is needed to have your prayers answered. 

Join me today and everyday God gives you breath.
Pray this commanded prayer.
Pray like a Champion.
Follow Orders.
You, and your friends will be glad you did.

Y’all Be Blessed Now.

Chaplain Mac

Winning THE Primary Struggle

Ephesians 6:12 (NIV 1984)

12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    Each of us struggles from time to time: Some of us find our health can be challenging. Some fight a battle with cancer. Others, grapple with the biggest killer of all, heart disease. Some spar with diabetes. We simply compete with ill health to maintain our physical well being. Worry can cause us to strive with experiencing the strife of taking on things that exceed our ability to cope. Some things are just emotionally challenging. Relationships can appear to be a daily scuffle, as many of us attempt to relate to people who make relationships more than a little difficult. Contending with immediate or extended family might be, for some, a daily losing endeavor.  Or we have relational issues simply because of a difference in geographical location. In other words, we sincerely miss people we love because they are so far away from us in another part of the world. Some people experience a tussle with their financial situation. Money is important to them, and they don’t have enough of it.  But the biggest brawl of all is seemingly ignored by most people all together. And this battle has been already won. We can win if we stay prepared.

Belief in Heaven and Hell Among U.S. Adults, 2014

Don’t get me wrong, most people, here in the United States, tend to  believe in both a Heaven and a Hell. Most believe in good and evil. Take a look at the chart provided here on the left, and you will see what I mean; however, when it comes down to facing struggles, I think that very few will believe that daily struggle is actually “against the dark powers of this world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly dimensions.” The problem with eliminating the spiritual dimension, from daily living, is like being in the middle of the war and not knowing you are a target of some sniper’s weapon. This evil one  has declared war on your life, on the lives of every single person you love and are growing to love. Needless to say there is a danger when we don’t know the source of all these challenges.

What Jesus Says About This:

See the source image

Jesus is abundantly clear about what is going on here with all our “flesh and blood” maladies,  and so is the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6:12. There is a spiritual struggle that impacts all of our lives. “The Devil comes to steal kill and destroy. “I have come that they may have life and have life abundantly.”  John commented that there is one reason Jesus came: “He came to destroy the devil’s work.” (1 John 3:8). He actually succeeded because as Colossians 2:15 tells us, He “disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.” So, the battle, in all our life fights, has been won, but we have difficulty gaining or having the strength we need to win our personal battles in the war that God already won.

See the source image

How may we bear up under life’s burdens? Here is how: We follow the spiritual practices of daily giving our lives up to Christ the first thing every morning, and we are then more spiritually strong for overcoming. We present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, as a spiritual act of worship. (Romans 12:2 ) We are then able to over come — no matter what ever comes our way.  So, why  not just surrender? Why not armor up and daily practice the spiritual practice the Apostle Paul shares with you and me? Why not put on the full armor of God each day?  Then when physical, emotional, relational and financial turmoil envelops our lives, we can do what is practically practical.  We can do what is necessary from this world’s point of view, but we can also be spiritually prepared to be “Strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.”  We can defeat our invisible enemy and his scheming ways.  We can do all this in order that we may be able to be fully alive come what may.

Go on out and be blessed by being a daily over comer.

Chaplain Mac


P.U.S.H For Some V.I.P.s (Very Important Persons)

  • Image result for picture of psalm 91:1Who Are Our V.I.P.s???

This is a request for you, and all with whom you connect, to pray. Please join us and pray for the women and men, of Batter B., 3rd Battalion 116th FA. These patriots  have deployed and serve our nation. So, given their current location, prayer is of vital importance! Pray for the Soldiers AND their families here at home. Soldiers have historically been protected when God’s people pray for them. I have seen this throughout my ministry as a Pastor and Chaplain. Indeed, God’s protective power has been manifested in even ancient warriors lives when people pray. Read the “Warriors Psalm” to see what I mean. (Psalm 91:1 and following verses.) However, I am recommending that we pray for, not only protection, but other things:

Examples of How To Pray

  • Image result for picture of prayer hand of a soldiers

For example, pray for …

  1. Salvation of those who don’t know the Lord … both home and abroad. Some of us have already been doing this every day for weeks, and you may not know it, but three soldiers have already come to know the Lord and have been baptized while in country. They have made Jesus the Lord of their lives while serving in a Muslim area of the world, and they have been baptized.
  2. Pray for them to be emotionally strong. War settings can go from being an experience of abject boredom to unbelievable horror in a second. Being separated from loved ones can, for their soldiers and their families, cause emotional grief and struggle. So, having a resilient emotional state of being is important. Again, pray for their families, and them, regarding their emotional state.
  3. See the source image

    Pray for their relationships. The first prayer request covers their relationship with God, but their relationship with their families is really something for which to pray: Separation from loved ones, and family, can cause them or their families real pain and challenge. When a deployed person is away from family, I know from personal experience, anything that can go wrong, or multiple significant life changing occurrences just pop up. Dryers can die, discovery of pregnancies shortly after deployment can become news, and any number of things can change the balance of life. These sort of things impacts both positively or negatively on relationships. Think of this way: deployed personnel are impacted by life changes the same as we are. So, let’s pray practicing the Golden Rule. How would you or I like others to pray for us, if life happened, and we were thousands of miles away.

  4. Pray for finances to become or be good. Deployment can seriously impact a family’s bottom line financially speaking. So, pray for God to help them have a successful financial plan,
  5. Pray for physical well-being. Yes, this does include safety, but it also includes more: People, at home and abroad can get sick. I pray that this doesn’t happen. But if it does, I pray for healing. I pray for optimal medical care. As Jesus said, “The sick need a physician.” I pray their medical providers to be gifted beyond anything they have experienced before.

If You Cannot Pray At Our Location

Pray where you are located and, perhaps, do a little more:

  1. Announce it in your church or small group.
  2.  Come for a few moments where you are in the world.
  3. Forward this web log to at-least twenty or more friends asking them to do the same.

Most of these soldiers are from Polk and Hillsborough county. Many grew up here and attended our schools.  Others are from Orange County and Jacksonville, Ft Lauderdale and Melbourne in Brevard County. But all are from a home base here in Florida. Even more importantly, they are the next generation serving and protecting our nation.

Click Click Click

See the source image

Please Click on the site below for how to be a part of this short time of  prayer.  You may have to copy and paste it to your URL. Again, you can come for only long enough to pray yourself. Or you can pray in place where you are located.  I would like ask you to please click on “going” or “interested” to tell us you are doing some form of prayer, and that you are supporting this very important endeavor. I would love to know that scores of people in our area, or around the world, are either “going” or  “interested.’ This will demonstrate prayer support for our soldiers. 

  Here is the site y’all:   –>

Will You Pray Until Something Happens?

See the source image

Now, I am not asking you to think about praying, I am asking you to  Pray Until Something Happens: Pray until these soldiers and families will walk free in Christ. Pray until the soldiers and families experience emotional resilience. Pray until the Creator of relationships works within the challenges of their lives to make their relationships sound and secure. Pray the the Lord will give them, this day, their daily bread. Pray He will supply all their needs according to His riches in glory.  Pray for them until the Almighty assures their protection and all other physical/medical health and well being. Pray until they are safely home and then pray for them continually each day.  Yes, I am asking you to P.U.S.H!

Be Blessed As You Continue To Pray

May The God of Peace
Who  Through The Blood of The Eternal Covenant
Brought Back From The Dead
The Lord Jesus
Equip You With Everything Good For Doing His Will
Especially As You Pray
Chaplain Mac


See the source image




Abby, Kate and Rachel & G.

See the source image

Last Sunday, I was feeling REALLY tired. Yup! It was Sunday, and it should have been a restful day, but we had special guests coming. And these were some folks who really do know how to make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord! The guests coming to our home, all but one, are about 49 years younger than TLOML and this old man. One of them is just a few months older than our #1 grandson. They are not boomers nor are they millennials. They just maybe Xers or generation Z. My point is that there is a BIG age difference!

The Bless-ed Jesse Affect

Add to this mix that our Co-Pastor, and TLOML, agreed she would become the bacon meister for the entire incoming college crowd. Jesse is a fabulous caller forth of gifts, and he is a very good man.  Anyway,  there is clear empirical evidence that TFC Choral crowd, and Doc,  popped that old pork right on “them taters” and consumed every bit. Yes, Jesse, the house did smell rather interesting.  But TLOML worked her miracles, and if the house smelled of bacon I couldn’t tell.  Anyone who knows my wife knows she is indeed a miracle worker when given little things that need to be made big.

At The Church

Anyway, in spite of all the preparatory activity, we did “git er done.” So, we headed out to First Alliance Church.  That night we watched, and we participated, in one really enjoyable act of worship led by “Doc,” and made possible by the Toccoa Falls College Choir. They really made a “Joyful Noise” unto the Lord! I watched, sang, and wondered to myself,  “Who will our guests be?” (Indeed, my mind sometimes wanders, even during a fabulous experience of worship.) I spotted the seasoned citizen, Gloria, and I knew right away she would be one of our guests.  Don’t ask me how I knew, but I was right. While G. get’s more than an honorable mention in this old web log, I’m mainly writing about generation next. Gloria, the wise one and “non-traditional student” went to bed earlier than the others.

Yes, this blog is mostly about Abby, Kate and Rachel … or Kate, Abby & Rachel … Or Rachel, Kate and Abby.   Y’all pick which order of names need to be used. Whichever you decide, these young ladies brought real JOY and inspiration to our home.  It certainly is special that people  so much younger than are we could make such a difference in our lives. (Gloria is about TLOML and my age. Perhaps a little younger.) Nevertheless, none of us  had even met prior to seeing Docs Angels in church. Yet, as John Wesley would say, our “hearts were strangely warmed” by these young ladies who had been strangers to us just a short while before we connected.  So, what happened that kept us up later than intended? 

Story Telling

I thought it had to do with the stories we shared. I shared. Vicki (TLOML) shared, Abby shared, Kate shared and Rachel shared.  One stayed up latest of all, and we thought that was great. One surprising thing to me is how transparent Rachel, Kate and Abby were to Vicki and me. While they faced challenges, they were positively positive. What we saw was what we got. This was and is refreshing.  Back and forth we went for a long while. We got to know each other fairly well in a very short time. I was deeply encouraged to hear what these young women are thinking and dreaming  regarding  their future. Some of it was becoming clear, some of it was To Be Determined, and  some dreams were, perhaps,  not clear at all. Some of it reminded me of our Journey with Jesus through the years, and though our hair is getting white with the frost of many winters, their stories intersected many of the experiences of our stories.  We were blessed.


See the source image

Monday morning arrived. Gloria was up first, then the others came in one at at time. We talked, looked at a “live” fb post of the choir that I had set up during the choral performance. Yup! We actually found more to talk about and share,  and we prayed. Now, Vicki and I were not the only ones who prayed. Gloria, Rachel, Abby and Kate prayed. I could tell these precious daughters of God knew the Lord, and praying was and is clearly a part of their lives.

It’s No Wonder … 

It’s no wonder they exuded so much JOY when they sang in the choir,  and when they shared themselves with perfect strangers. I had no question in my mind that they were occupied by Jesus. If I had them sitting here right now, I would say, “Hey y’all bring me joy because, Jesus Occupies You!” Yes, J.O.Y. represents all the adjectives in the picture above; however, I would still say that real J.O.Y comes because  He, Jesus, has taken you over, and what is on the inside is going to come out. Or you will just bust. I am not saying each of these daughters of the living God are hyper-happy twenty-four seven; however, it is clear there is something on the inside of these precious ones that clearly has to come out because they are daily occupied… even if the Lord provides a change in course … right Rachel? 

We Hated To See Them Leave

Yes, on Monday morning, we were very tired. We were tired just as we were on Sunday, but life is better because we met them. Our lives are blessed because we worshiped together as we were led by  choir from Toccoa Falls College.  But we were doubly and triply blessed because we, for a very short time, intersected the hearts and lives of perfect strangers who strangely warmed our hearts and souls. Hey Abby, Kate, Rachel and G. We are going to miss you. We hated to see you go. Enjoy the journey this week, as you voluntarily share the JOY with others throughout your college’s spring break.

A Road Trip

I have never been to Toccoa Falls College, but I suspect that if you are looking for a school to be loved, and where you can really grow, you might want to check this Christian and Missionary Alliance school out which is located in Toccoa Falls,  Georgia. If you take a little road trip to the school next to the big ole water falls, I suspect your hearts will be strangely warmed by people you have never met before. 

Love In Christ To You All.

Chaplain Mac.

PS. Abby, Kate, Rachel and G. Y’all can still call me Al, and I don’t think Vicki will mind if y’all can call her  Vicki. I know G. is graduating, but next time the choir comes back this way, if the good Lord allows us to remain this side of heaven, or Jesus is  holding off splitting the eastern sky,  come be our guest A. K & R.

Never! Never!

Never will I leave you.
Never will I forsake you.
Hebrews 13:5

See the source image

Sometimes we find ourselves going through a whole lot of stuff. Sometimes, it seems that anything that can go wrong will go wrong at the absolute worst moment in time. The challenge may be spiritual. It may be emotional. It might be a relationship that is not as we would like it to be. Finances sometimes get in the way of having a balanced life. Or even worse, a debilitating illness that affects us spiritually, emotionally, relationally and financially almost takes away the air we breathe. Everything just piles on, and we feel all alone, but let me promise you that you are NEVER alone!

Can I actually say this with so firmly.  YES I CAN! I can say this, not because I have any clout. I say this because this is a promise that comes from the very lips of Almighty God. As a matter of fact, in the holy writ written above, the Lord God goes out of His way to be emphatically clear. He says it twice to make sure we hear! He says “NEVER,” and then he says “NEVER” one more time. Go back and look at what He is declaring. Will I leave you? “NEVER!”  Will I forsake you? “NEVER!”


Think about these things: Whatever your spiritual struggle, the Lord will NEVER leave you to journey through it all by yourself! Never forget His promises to you. The LORD IS! The Lord IS MINE! He is MY Shepherd! “I shall NOT want.” That is I shall not lack any good thing! Read that Psalm 23 when you are down and out or up and down. Reread it, and reflect on what God is promising you. He has the successful spiritual journey down pat. He will help  you with your spiritual journey.


Whatever emotional state or grief is plaguing you, you are NEVER alone. He, who is a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief,  has gone through it, and He will get you through it! Hold on to the one who is holding on to you tightly. Be still. Breathe deeply, let God’s Holy Spirit be the one who helps you shoulder the burdens of your emotional challenges.


A relationship may be unresolvable and painfully broken, but there is one relationship you can always count on. It is the one we have with the heavenly Father, through Jesus by the power of The Holy Spirit! No one can snatch this relationship from you.


Finances may be tight, and you don’t see a way to be fiscally sound. Well the one who owns cattle on a thousand hills, and the ONE to whom  all the gold and silver belongs,  promises you, as His child, to give you this day your daily bread.  He promises to supply all your needs according to His riches in glory! So, ask Him to help you. 


You say, “but I am so physically weak!” Please don’t give up dear one! Continue to believe in the one God who loves you so much that He sent His only begotten Son that, if you only believe in Him, you will NEVER perish, but you will have eternal life. You will share in God’s life now and forever. Our bodies may be weak, and even aging and sick, but keep faith in the God who will either heal you now or heal you in heaven. 

Partnership Praying With Jesus and The Holy Spirit!

Let all your sorrow and fear flow away from you in prayer to the one who is at the throne of grace. Let him bottle all your tears as He loves you. Trust Him who was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, whose punishment brought peace with God to us, and by whose stripes we were healed. (Isaiah 53:5) Have faith that God will control whatever is going on with you physically. Do this even if you have to give it up to Him one second at at time, one moment at a time, one hour at a time, one DAY at a time … Cry out to Him and say “HELP ME! HELP ME LORD!  Keep on saying it! And He Will!

I pray for you today dear friend. Please Let God befriend you through His Son, Jesus, by His own Holy Spirit’s power. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you, in your weakness, to pray as you had ought.  (Romans 8:26.) Ask Jesus to pray for you regarding whatever you are going through, for He promises He is ever interceding for you. (Romans 8:34) He is the one mediator between God and humanity ( 1 Timothy 1:5) And He knows how to pray much better than you, as His Holy Spirit will strengthen and help you spiritually, emotionally, relationally, financially, and — yes — even physically. I pray you NEVER give up… Never give up … because God is NEVER NEVER going to give up on you.  Have H.O.P.E. Hold On Promises Eternal. 

God bless you.

Chaplain Mac

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